Keyword Research

Introduction about keyword research

There are many questions in our minds like

What is keyword research?

How important is the keyword research for seo?

Where can I find long-tail keywords?

How do I find my competitors keywords?

How do I check traffic for keywords?

For all the above questions there is one solution. Keyword research.

Keyword research is the basic and the most important thing to be done as part of SEO, to begin with. The approach you take here determines whether you understand SEO or not.

Keyword research is 50% of SEO. If you chose the wrong keywords you cannot rank them that easily.

Google has an algorithm for finding the google keyword search volume for any keyword.

You need to find that volume and based on that we can analyze the competition of that keyword.

So basic keyword research and analysis must be done before inserting the keywords in the content for seo.

SEO is especially important that you pick the right battle and that battle is to pick the right keywords.

In the form of content, you can solve the majority of problems users are facing. And for that content, you need the right kind of keywords.

Identifying the right keywords for content is a tough task and to make things clear, you need to research the keywords.

To do the keyword research for seo, you need to utilize the best free keyword research tools to find out the best keywords for seo.

What is a keyword and keyword research?

A keyword is also called search phrases. Keywords are the terms that are being searched by the users for specific content.

A good Keyword research is done by looking at how many users are searching for specific keywords.

There are tools where we can do free keyword research and seo keyword research, though both seems same but are different in meaning.

Ranking factors into 3 buckets. Relevance, Authority and user experience.

It is important for you to rank the keyword for certain queries and to achieve that, your content needs to be relevant to the search query by the users.

There are many more websites, blogs that represent the same keywords on their content, your content must be credible and authoritative as well.

There are different best free keyword research tools for bloggers as well as. best free keyword research tools for youtube

Authority signals are important which you can get through backlinks.

We can analyze it through backlinko keyword research tool for free.

Google curates all the information and gives you the information that is relevant to your search.

Google checks whether the users are getting engaged with your content or not and based on that google will show your content to the users.

User experience optimization is what you have to do via google.

We all are going to be problem solvers from now on.

The 3 factors must be justified and that are relevance, authority and user experience.

To make your content relevant, you need to know what the users are searching for, what the users are searching in Google or other search engines,

And how many people are looking for before you go and try to make relevant content for search queries.

Why is keyword research so important?

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

                                                                                    –Peter Drucker.

You create quality unique content and make the search query more relevant.

Figure out how to fulfil the demand, and if you fulfil the existing demand in the market, it automatically becomes easier to build a brand in future.

SEO always happen before everything is done.

There are best keyword research tools for local seo and make use of those tools to do good keyword research.

Not all keywords are equal. You shouldn’t go after every keyword.

You can look at keywords that have very high search volume and people use the same keywords in their content which is a big mistake while doing SEO.

Do you think you can create content and understand when a particular person is searching for a query?

If the intent is not clear, the conversions are very very low.

They don’t know what they want. They are very early in the journey of entire search and keyword research and it is highly competitive.

Because of it, so much google search volume will rather show very very high authoritative websites which makes it low conversion also.

Never go after the keywords that are single word phrases. Because the intention is nonexistent. We can also find a couple of keywords.

For example, when you are inserting the keyword T-shirt, the user can search for a blue T-shirt, black T-shirt etc. So we must have a clear understanding of what the user what.

For example, “buy American apparel blue T-shirt” is a long-tail keyword, a user is looking to buy American apparel blue T-shirt, the more specific the keyword it is, the more terrific it is.

You start with a single keyword and then go deep into the long tail keyword. It shouldn’t be so specific also in creating content.

How to do keyword research?

Keyword research is all about solving the problems people are facing and searching for solutions in google.

When no one is looking for a keyword and you rank that keyword as number one, there is no point in making it number one. So be specific in choosing the keywords.

Figure out what are long-tail keywords, and within long-tail keywords not all long-tail keywords are equal.

Although the intention is not clear about the long-tail keywords.

When you are doing your free keyword research for seo, go for those which have transactional value.

If you are doing affiliate marketing, selling something etc., you need to have keywords that have transactional values.

If you try to use the keywords like “buy now”, you are actually competing with very big guys like Amazon, myntra etc. as they have a very wide base of transactional keywords.

They can go after search engines since they have very high authoritative, which makes it very difficult to rank those keywords.

As we target through google ads, Facebook ads, the social media websites are hijacking all the people, getting into the transactions that make it a bad proposition.

The only solution is to go after informational and navigational kind of keywords, figure out long-tail keywords,

as big guys don’t bother about the informational keywords, you can capture the prospects early in the funnel.

Go only for informational keywords. Change your approach when it comes to keyword research to long-tail keywords. This approach alone makes it easy to rank your keywords.

How do you find the keywords to keep it in the first place?

There are specific tools for the keywords generators.

Generate keyword ideas from Ahrefs Keyword Generator.

Use “alsoasked” to analyze the extent of the topic.

Using these tools we can differentiate the type of keywords like primary keywords, secondary keywords and LSI keywords.

LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. Google had become very efficient in understanding the user intent and LSI got introduced.

LSI keywords mean synonyms of the primary keywords that serve the same purpose as the primary keyword.

Free Keyword research tools for SEO:

There are many best free keyword research tools to find the right keywords to do local seo.

Some of them are Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, Google keyword planner, KWfinder, keywordtool etc.

These tools are very helpful for keyword research and find the best free keywords for seo.


This is all about keyword research and there are bunch of free keyword research tools as well as paid ones.

Make use of those keyword research tools and find out the keywords that are relevant with the users search.

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