“Digital Marketing”, the most trending word in the current era.

Everything is getting digital; every business is getting digitalized.

Every transaction is happening digitally, and so is marketing.

Digital Marketing is doing marketing digitally, reaching more customers online in less amount of time.

Everyone is looking out for information online, like finding information about products and services in this digital era.

Before 2020, few people are into digital marketing, but many people are not sure about digital marketing basics to begin.

Some expert bloggers have been blogging for more than ten years and gained so much traction among the followers.

Businesses are approaching the bloggers to make their business promotion through them.

During Corona Pandemic in 2020, so many people lost their earning sources and searched for online sources to get income or a career.

Many people came to know about digital marketing in 2020, and many businesses decided to do their businesses online.

Blogging has gained traction, and people are doing digital marketing courses from institutes in India and around the world to make a career in digital marketing.

Many digital marketing experts in India and worldwide are providing courses in digital marketing to people who want to make a career in digital marketing, freelancing and digital marketing executives in companies.

There are few top digital marketers in India and the world who made their footprints in many people’s hearts by their digital marketing skills and courses.

I will list out a few top and best digital marketing experts in India and world who made a considerable landmark in their place and making many people’s lives shine in their careers in the digital marketing field.

The order is not on a top-ranked basis, and I am listing out the best digital marketing experts I have been following for a long time.

Here is the list:

The primary name everyone comes to know about when entering into the digital marketing career is “Seth Godin”, the GOD of digital marketing.

He is an excellent writer and wrote around 17 books about advertising, marketing, leadership and business.

He became a most famous public speaker after publishing the eBook “Unleashing the Ideavirus”.

Seth Godin wrote the most popular book on marketing named “This is Marketing”, which revolutionized the digital marketing era.

Today, this book is the best reference for any digital marketing globally.

The next on the list would be “Gary Vee.”

Gary Vaynerchuk is better known as co-founder of Empathy wines and called “Wine Critic”.

Now he is a well-known digital marketer and a chairman of VaynerX, a New York-based communication company.

Critics often named him “Snake Oil Salesman” as he had earned so much following in social media around mentorship.

He wrote some popular books related to marketing in the current world.

The next on the list is “Niel Patel.”

Neil Patel is a famous investor, entrepreneur, blogger, digital marketing expert.

He strives to become a businessman since childhood, and he did several small businesses in school and colleges in his teenage.

Now Neil Patel is one of the top ten online marketers and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30.

He is the creator of the most popular tool, “ubersuggest”, and it is one of the best keyword research tools for SEO and keyword ideas.

Neil Patel introduced so many different tools, and some of them are

Advice Monkey: His first business as a job board website having jobs and careers terms.

Crazy-egg: It is an online platform for website owners to check website operations through analytics tools.

Kiss-metrics: It is an application that delivers user interaction on websites to help e-commerce companies improve their growth. In general, it is an analytics application.

Neil Patel digital: NP digital is a digital marketing agency specialized in content marketing, analytics, data, video and search.

 SEO tool ubersuggest: It is a keyword research tool at first. It is useful for much more than keyword research. Its features include a backlink checker, SEO analyzer, A/B testing calculator, and this tool had become one of the most powerful SEO tools online.

Podcasting marketing school: Neil Patel publishes his podcasts about current digital marketing trends.

He is a well known digital marketer and gained appreciations from critics and gained popularity worldwide.

Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak, aka Deepak Kanakaraju, is a blogger, Top Digital Marketing Expert, speaker and trainer in the digital marketing field.

He has ten years of experience in the digital marketing field and maintaining a blog about digital marketing trends, digital marketing tips, digital marketing freelancing, digital marketing mentoring etc.

He wrote some books and recently published a book named “Edge of Sanity” about entrepreneurship and digital marketing. It gained a lot of popularity among the audience.

He is a co-founder of “Pixel track Digital” a digital marketing agency and trainers who train corporates and future entrepreneurs.

He started his journey as a biker boy and now digital Deepak.

Recently he launched a digital marketing internship program, and it became a massive success as he succeeded in making learners implement in the digital marketing internship program.

He was highlighted in your story and entrepreneur websites as well.

He started Digital Deepak as a blog where he had written digital marketing articles as a future reference. It became one of the top digital marketing blogs in India.

Sanjay Shenoy

Sanjay Shenoy is a Top Digital Marketing Expert, teacher and creator.

He is a creative content writer, and he helps people through his blog, mentioning very complicated digital marketing tricks.

He conducts so many workshops on content writing and became a huge success.

He is a co-founder of Pixel Track Digital, a digital marketing agency.

Sanjay started a startup named “Thrillophilia”, an SEO and a content marketing agency that drives organic traffic and media campaigns.

He is a part of Digital Alliance of top 9 digital marketers worldwide and conducts digital masters conference.

He is a TEDx speaker, and he speaks a lot about content.

He is a specialist in search engine optimization SEO. He recently started an internship named “High-Intensity Incentivized Training in SEO (HIIT SEO).”

It is successfully running with enough interns, and many people are gaining knowledge through this HIIT SEO program.

Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal, known by his blog name “ShoutMeLoud”, is a platform to learn and grow as a digital marketer or blogger.

First, he started writing blogs about technology on a free blogging platform. After that, he came to know the value of blogging and planned to make a career in blogging.

He launched ShoutMeLoud blog in 2008, and eventually, ShoutMeLoud won the best Indian blog by Indi-blogger in 2013.

Then he started other shout ups shout up workshops, shout meet etc., about blogging.

He is a successful blogger, and he mentioned digital marketing tips for bloggers in his blog and conducting many workshops on blogging.

Recently he introduced “Shout Out University”, a unique program to train people about blogging and digital marketing.

Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi is a Haryana based blogger, affiliate marketer, a world traveller, and he is the founder of BloggingCage blog. He mentions so many tips about blogging on his blog.

After lots of struggle getting college admission and suddenly got an offer to sell products on a commission basis using MLM and network marketing.

Soon he saw the potential in it and entered into affiliate marketing.

He started blogging, affiliate marketing courses and wrote blog posts about digital marketing tips for bloggers and many more.

He has featured on your story, ProBlogger, Neil Patel, Huffington post.

He is a good speaker too and make many speeches at colleges.

Sidharth Rajsekhar

Sidharth Rajsekhar, a well-known Lifestyle Entrepreneur, created funnels to sell digital products online through digital marketing.

He started his journey making mobile phone ringtones, and after things got down, he began taking courses and learn a lot and set up a small digital agency along with his cousin.

He used to train business people about the power of social media.

He started selling his digital products as well as other people products.

He created “Internet lifestyle Hub”, a tribe of around 5000 people and trained on digital coaching system.

He created success stories which made through his courses online.

Vaibhav sisinty

Vaibhav Sisinty is a speaker, growth hacker and founder of the digital media company Crazyheads that won awards.

He created growth hacking courses and explained how to turn social media platforms into growth hacking tools.

He created Instagram, LinkedIn growth hacking courses and running a blog about these social media platforms.

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal was well known by his blog name BloggersPassion.

He is a founder of BloggersPassion and HostingMonks, about digital marketing tips and SEO and blogging.

He is a professional blogger and started blogging in 2010. He started blogging after seeing the success of other bloggers through their blogs.

He started his SEO career, continued for fourteen years and then started his blog and became a full-time blogger.

Now he is making over $10kper month for the last two years.

He launched TAAMDigital, HostingMonks in 2019 and acquired Make blogging in 2020.

He shares blogging tips and affiliate marketing tips through his blog posts and natural methods to make money through blogging.

His blog BloggersPassion featured in ProBlogger, Forbes, SEMrush, huffing post and Jeffbullas etc.

He wrote some premium books about affiliate marketing, keyword research and made some free SEO courses for beginners and affiliate marketing courses.

Gaurav Madaan

Gaurav Madaan is a famous coach in Digital Marketing, and he used to train top business people about marketing in sales, revenue and leads in the digital world.

Gaurav started his journey in 2011 by selling domains and hosting through an MLM company.

He started his professional blog Geekotech in 2013 after pursuing his masters in marketing.

He got an offer to handle marketing projects from his mentor in 2014 and then transformed into a digital marketing trainer to business people, students etc.

Gaurav formulated a startup, HighonM, with Roshni dal as his partner in 2016.

He started StockNation and clickkosh, saas platforms.

He is a Facebook Ads expert, where he earned massive revenue of one lakh fifty thousand dollars through just one campaign.

Gaurav’s ventures are:

HighonM: It is a platform for entrepreneurs and marketers to help them with SAAS tools and marketing training.

Geekotech helps entrepreneurs, working professionals, business owners, and students to improve in their marketing.

ZeroTouch is a mobile-first local business store builder with a built-in contactless payment system and order management system.

StockNation is a platform for stock visuals that helped many marketers and creators.

These are some of the most successful bloggers who made a career in blogging through their unique digital marketing tactics.

They all can help hundreds of students with their skills in the form of eBooks, courses and workshops.

Motivation is vital for anything to start and work.

Let’s learn about digital marketing for blogging from these bloggers and make a career out of it.

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