Before starting keyword research for local seo you need to find the niche for your keyword research.

Niche selection is very important to write the content.

After selecting the niche, start researching the keywords for search engine optimization SEO.

Many SEO strategies focus on ranking the competitive keywords related to their product or services, there is a huge return on investment in local SEO.

Even though there is very low search volume, they can carry a lot more intent and drive traffic to your site that is far more likely to convert.

How important is keyword research for Local SEO?


Keyword Research is very important for local SEO as people search for particular keywords for SEO in google and get the solutions through links provided by Google.

Make sure you to research what keywords your competitors are using and how are they targeting.


How to do keyword research for local SEO?


Many people have a common query like how to do keyword research for local SEO.

I am providing some of the tips about keyword research for local SEO.

Select the competitor websites in google search based on your niche.

There are some tools to get the keywords that are used by the competitors of your niche.

Most popular free keyword research tool for SEO is “uber suggest”.

You can copy the competitor website link and paste it in uber suggest and you can get all the keywords used by your competitor. Save those keywords to use those in your target list.

You can use those keywords in your articles and get tons of traffic to your website.

When researching for local keywords, don’t just stick to one particular location, target other locations near your location also.

Local search volume is obviously low but it can drive the most relevant traffic that can convert.


How can I find local keywords?

We can find local keywords through google keyword planner tool, this is a free keyword research tool and it can find the keywords used by the competitors in their websites.

Some of the keywords used for local search have to be more specific like we need to include “near me” in the SEO keyword for the service mentioned.

Mention your business in Google My Business optimizing your profile with local SEO keywords, this is one way of driving traffic and letting people know about our business.

Enter all details asked in google my business in order for google to understand our intent.

How to optimize for local search?

Optimizing for local search using SEO keywords research is somewhat a challenging task, as you need to check the competitor websites, find the keywords they targeted for using free keyword research tool in SEO, use those keywords in your content for a good return on investment, drive traffic to your website with the most relevant user base.

For local businesses, it is better to mention the physical location of your business in the contact page of your website.

You can add opening times and the type of business.

This will make google make our business more search visibility.

Insert some local SEO keywords in our location tags, usually in homepage.

Directory listing is the most important task to get our business visible to more people through a google search.

Not all directory listings make your site visible, some quality listings do such as local pages etc.

If you want your business to be visible for multiple locations, it is better to mention specifically in the content about the location through keyword research in SEO.

Optimize your website content mobile-friendly as most of the users are searching through mobiles for services and products.

The benefits of a local search depend on the search on google.

For the majority of small business, as well researched local SEO strategy will be a backbone for their business visibility.

How to do local SEO keyword research?

If you own a business in Mumbai, improving local SEO will improve your business visibility for that region.

Around more than 60% users that did a local search find the store within half km.

Reasons for local SEO:

  • Get noticed by locals
  • Drive local traffic to your site.
  • Boost your business.

Local SEO is very important to convert the users nearby your business.

By doing keyword research for local SEO, you are making it easier for the users to find your business.

Most of the customers check for businesses based on google reviews. So increasing google reviews will be good for local SEO to increase business.

Registering in google my business is one way for getting visibility in local search.

Getting listed in all local business directories is another important way of getting visibility to your business in local search.

There are a bunch of local SEO keyword research tools for free to find the competitor keywords to include in your website.

Monitoring your website health is a very important task that needs to be taken care of.

Small business gives high priority to the user experience on their website Optimizing website health is a must for every small business for local SEO.

The local SEO recommendations that need to be done are

  • Title tags
  • Description tags
  • Headers
  • Body content

All these can be done on On-page SEO.

Link building to your website is a challenging task for any kind of businesses.

Getting links from other websites to your website is a good task that can build your brand online visibility.

To make our business visible in google search, maintaining a blog to mention about our products and services is a very good thing.

Writing SEO optimized content with competitive keywords gathered using free keyword research tools for SEO can be a good motive to get traffic to your website.

Providing content with consistent effort can make our website visible and users can make our high priority for their business needs.

Creating quality content is a challenging task as we need to search for keywords using keyword research tools, insert long-tail keywords in our content and do SEO for local search.

We need to focus on what are the keywords we are using that make search engines show our content to users while they search.

Local SEO keyword research is a more specific intent as your content need to resonate particular locations that are relevant to search terms.

So for this to happen, we need to include business terms along with location term in the keyword.

Local SEO keyword research is much more important because many users search for local businesses with an intention to buy their products or services.

For example, when a user searches for “coffee shop” on google, you need to mention this keyword along with location-specific so that the search user intent can be more relevant and google can show our page to this user.

So keyword research is much more important for local SEO.

Maintaining a smaller bounce rate to our website is very important for Google to rank our website for specific keywords.

A high bounce rate is an indication for Google that our page is not much use for the users.

There are many ways to find local keywords for local SEO.

To get what users are using the keywords for search, you must behave like you are the user and what keywords you will type in a search engine to get the result.

Keyword modifiers pay a key role in relevant searches. These words mention our service or products, about their quality etc.

Some of the keyword modifiers are:

  • Best
  • How
  • Where
  • Cheap
  • Top

Most of the people use these modifiers in their search intent.

Best keyword research tools for local SEO:

The most popular tool is google keyword planner. Apart from this tool, there are many tools that are used to find local keywords.

Some of them are:

  • QuestionDB
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Moz
  • SEMRush
  • Suggestion Keyword Finder
  • Ubersuggest
  • AnswerThePublic

Make use of these tools to find the best keywords for local SEO.

Choose the tool which best suits for your needs and do keyword research for SEO.


Keyword Research for local SEO plays a very important role in gathering good keywords that search intent and create quality content around those keywords to drive traffic to our page.

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