Are you a Blogger?

Are you willing to make a career in blogging?

Do you ever think about how bloggers make a living through blogging?

What keyword research tools did Bloggers use for blogging?

Whenever we think about blogging, we come across these kinds of questions.

There are so many career options like technical, non-technical, coding, non-coding, full time, part-time, freelancing etc.

However, blogging is a different career option where you build your empire from scratch, and it will slowly grow to ripe the fruits.

There are thousands of bloggers out there who are earning so much money and living a luxurious life.

Let’s discuss blogging in detail.

Usage of Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers:

Blogging is like writing blog posts on a specific topic consistently.

Merely writing blog posts is not enough. Those blog posts must be visible to people online.

To get visibility for our blog posts, we have to index those posts to Google.

We can index the blog posts link or our blog link to google through google search console.

Before doing all these things, the essential thing that we have to do is keyword research for the topic we write.

Keyword Research means people used to search on google with some keywords about which they look for something.

We can check those keywords in keyword research tools (using google keyword planner).

Insert those keywords in our blog post to appear to them whenever users search with those keywords in google.

When our blog posts appear on the first page, we can get high traffic for free to our blog through organic search.

Best keyword research tools for bloggers:

There are many keyword research tools to determine keywords that the users use to get the solutions on google.

We can analyse the keywords based on traffic, i.e. high competition, medium and low competition through those keyword research tools.

Types of Keywords and their difficulty to rank:

High competition keywords are those keywords that are used by competitive websites of our niche and already ranked on top by google.

These keywords are challenging to rank on google.

Medium competition keywords are those that are ranking moderately by google. These keywords are somewhat tricky to rank on google.

Low competition keywords are those that are not able to rank by google. These keywords are easy to rank on google.

There are two essential types of keywords.

  1. Short tail keywords
  2. Long tail keywords

Short tail keywords are less than or equal to two words in a keyword.

For example, “keyword research” is a short tail keyword used by many bloggers in their blogs and has been ranked this keyword on top of google.

These short-tail keywords are tough to rank on google as the competition is vast.

Long-tail keywords are those that are more than three words in a keyword.

For example, “keyword research tools for bloggers” is a long-tail keyword used by very few bloggers in their blogs and easily ranked on top of Google.

These long-tail keywords competitions are low and can be ranked easily.

Choosing the right long-tail keywords is the winning strategy in keyword research and getting ranked by google through blog posts.

Let’s get in detail about keyword research tools:

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are plenty of keywords research tools to do keyword research for the blog post. Let me say the tools we can use for free first.

The first best free keyword research tool for bloggers is the google keyword planner. This tool is free and used by plenty of bloggers.

Let’s get in detail to google keyword planner.

Search for google keyword planner in google and click on search result’s first link. You will get the page as shown below.

Click on “Go to keyword planner” and get redirected to google ads page.

If you have an account in google ads, sign in or signup to create an account.

After login, you will get the page like this.

You can see two sections. Discover new keywords and Get search volume and forecasts.

Click on discover new keywords, and you will get a page as shown below.

You can enter any product or service to get the keywords used for that product and service.

Or you can enter your competitor website link to get the keywords used by them to rank in google.

For example, we entered “” to get the website’s keywords.

Below is the list of keywords displayed under low competition. You can find the average monthly searches for these keywords as well.

List these low competition keywords and use them in the blog post to drive traffic to our blog.

Another essential and popular keyword research tool for bloggers is Neil Patel’s “ubersuggest”.

Ubersuggest tool is using by most of the bloggers to find out the search traffic of the keywords and competition of the keywords.

For example, if we search for “keyword research tool” in ubersuggest, it will show as below.

This tool displays search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty and cost per click for the particular keyword we enter.

You can find many sections under the sidebar of ubersuggest like keyword ideas, content ideas, competitive analysis etc. about the keywords we use.

The below screenshot is the keyword ideas for the particular keyword in ubersuggest.

This tool provides many more features, especially for SEO that is most beneficial to bloggers and everyone in digital marketing.

Another popular free keyword research tool is “”

Search for any keyword, for example, I searched for “keyword research tool” keyword in this tool. It will display the information below.

Grab the keywords into an excel sheet and check for competition and search traffic to each of these keywords.

This tool has a free version and a pro version to access many keyword research features.

Let us know about the most popular keyword research tools that are pro.

The most popular keyword research tool under the premium version is “SEMrush.”

SEMrush is a tool that provides almost all features used by bloggers as well as digital marketers for their blogs.

It has monthly, yearly plans for the comfort of bloggers.

SEMrush is a topmost tool, and it has academy to learn the skills as well.

The next best-paid keyword research tool is “Ahrefs.”

This tool also provides a lot more features for keyword research.

It provides a trial version as well to check. If you like it, you can go ahead to buy the premium version of Ahrefs tool.

Most SEO experts use this tool extensively for keyword research and analyze the blogs.

The next most important tool for keyword research is “Moz”.

Moz contains free SEO tools to check for link building, analysis, keyword research, online presence etc.

These are the tools from Moz for free.

It has a trial version, and you can use it, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime. If you like it, you can buy the pro version.

Pro versions have a lot more features than the free versions.

Another popular keyword research tool that most bloggers use is “”

This tool provides us with free keyword research with search difficulty and competition of particular keywords.

There is another essential keyword research tool for bloggers, “long tail pro”.

You need to sign up for this tool to use.

Long Tail Pro list you will get once you sign up for this tool.

After signing up, enter any keyword you are looking for and check the statistics.

“Keyword Finder” is another most famous keyword research tool used by bloggers and SEO experts.

We can find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty through this keyword finder tool.

Long Tail Pro is a limited free version to analyse for a limited number of keywords.

When you click on SEO tools, you will find many tools, as shown below.

We mostly use KWFinder tool for keyword research.

When you enter any keyword and search in KWFinder, you will get all the statistics about that keyword.

In addition to that, this tool can show your competitors research.

It shows how difficult it is to rank in google and search volume of that keyword in google.

These are the most crucial keyword research tools for bloggers and digital marketers to analyse the keywords and insert those low competition keywords in their blog posts to drive traffic organically.

i.e. when people search for the keywords in google search. Our blog post must be visible under the first page on google.

The procedure to do keyword research is this to find the low competition keywords and these are the best keyword research tools for bloggers to use it for keyword research.

Bloggers extensively use these keyword research tools for competitive keywords in search metrics and insert those keywords in their blog posts.

The keyword research is a very in depth concept under search engine optimization.

If keyword research is done for particular niche blog post, then half of the work is done under search engine optimization.

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